Always Sunny On Hulu

The gang is now on Hulu! I worked as an animator on FX's campaign announcing the full It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia catalog on Hulu. The design is inspired by supermarket circulars. Loud type and saturated imagery. The gang gets roto'd and are color corrected to follow this style.
Roles: Animation
Block & Tackle
Creative Directors
Adam Gault, Ted Kotsaftis

Dorian Carli-Jones

Project Lead
Jaime Justen

Alphonse Swinehart, Jaime Justen, David Jouppi, Larisa Martin

Sun Illustration
Andres Moncayo

Jaime Justen, David Jouppi, Larisa Martin, Saurabh Shriwas
President, Creative, Strategy & Digital, Multi-Platform Marketing
Stephanie Gibbons

EVP, Content & Editorial
Ethan Adelman

SVP, Content Design & Visual Effects
Steve Viola

SVP, Content & Editorial
Paul Rollens

VP, Motion Design
Amie Nguyen

VP, Content & Editorial
Tom Cropper

VP, Production, Content Design & Visual Effects
Dara Barton

Director, Content & Editorial
Julia Danahey

Director, Production, Motion Design
Michael Perez