While at Block & Tackle, I had the chance to create content for Google's "Better Together" Campaign at CES 2022. An giant LED panel in front of Google's booth would be filled with engaging visual content that told a story of how Android products worked seamlessly together. Unfortunately, Omicron would shutter the event, but I'm still very proud of the work we did.
Roles: Animation


A lone ball take an unexpected journey through a shape-filled universe.


Traverse through different levels and see how the elements come together in the end!
Directed by Block & Tackle
Creative Directors
Adam Gault, Ted Kotsaftis

Dorian Carli-Jones

Project Lead
Mike Russo

Mike Russo, Alex Winakor, David Jouppi, Dylan Goodsell, Saurabh Shriwas, Jaime Justen, Matt Rudinski, Larisa Martin, Nick Parente

Sound Design
The Chicken
Creative Lead

Claudia Chagüi

Art Director
Kittaya Treseangrat

Content Producer, E+E
Markie Cohen

Associate Content Producer, E+E
Jeremy Morall

Senior Event Manager, E+E
Betsy Fox

Creative Producer
Casey Lee